Mike Kirkpatrick

SYD - Chriiissstmaaas! Happy Holidays! sticker

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SYD - Chriiissstmaaas! Happy Holidays! sticker happy holidaze christmas grinch tour sticker screamin yeti

Dec.1st = time to get in the spirit around the cave. Despite being Grinch-like in appearance, the Yeti is more like the Grinch when he reconnects w/his heart.
Starting in 2010, I modified my primary logo and started creating "tour stickers" for all of the business trips / vacations that I took. Last year I decided to try my hand at creating holiday related "tour stickers", starting w/a Halloween version. This is my first shot at coming up w/a Christmas / Holiday sticker based loosely (at least color wise) on the Grinch. Happy Holidaze everyone!

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