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We’ve been working on this iPhone app called Parkeergebied. The word ‘Parkeergebied’ is Dutch for parking area.

Why we made the app?
In Amsterdam you’re assigned a designated area (a couple of blocks) in which your paid parking subscription is valid. If you want to park outside that area you normally have to pay an hourly fee. Although the parking subscription facilitator does have a map of each area, these are in useless file formats and ridiculous scale, especially when you’re on the go.

The problem in real life is that it’s impossible to know or remember the exact boundaries of your the parking area in which your subscription is valid.

Needless to say you need to know this as you’ll get fined in case you park outside your own area without getting a . This could happen when you think you’re parking within the border of your parking area, but you’re really outside of your own area.

What does the app do?
What parkeergebied does, is tell you whether you’re outside or within the borders of your own parking area. By doing this you’re no longer in doubt as to where you can park without having to worry about getting a ticket.

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