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Set Your Time

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Set Your Time selector time indiegogo ios water hydration smart cup sippo


would love to hear your thought about this screen.

So basically this was a bit challenging. On one screen before the user is asked to tap if he want's to use the Sippo cup the whole day or at specific period of time. Based on that he get's the reminders and so on.

So when the user taps to set a specific time this is a screen that comes up. My challenge was to avoid an keyboard overlay or use the standard iOS wheel for setting your time. I really hate that one.

Anyway my solution was that once the user does tap the time to change it, he doesn't need to see the information bellow it, since he is in the edit mode. And the button at the bottom is replaced with close.

And last thing, we didn't wanted to add to much options here, like adding more reminder, because we didn't wanted to have the user stuck on the onboarding screen, if we can edit add add more information later in the settings of the app.


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