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Swamp dragon

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Swamp dragon dragon discworld terry pratchett flora and fauna illustration

"These dragons are generally called swamp dragons because they evolved in swamps, where there is rather little that can be used as fuel, and this is a problem for animals that create flame to incubate eggs, fight off enemies, predators, and other dragons (competitors for food or territory), or just to dispel boredom. Swamp dragons compensate for this by evolving a huge appetite for anything that can be used for combustion. Swamp dragons can rearrange their "internal plumbing", guts, stomach, other miscellaneous tubes, to make the best use of what they have eaten, and to make the hottest flame they can. When having indigestion (a common ailment for swamp dragons), or being over-excited, a dragon tends to explode, which is the most common (practically the only) cause of death for swamp dragons...."

Illustration done for a poster/tea towel commissioned by Discworld Emporium depicting the flora and fauna of Discworld - a comic fantasy book series written by the English author Terry Pratchett.

See all the creatures and the final design here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/30519963/The-Flora-and-Fauna-of-Discworld

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