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If you have been following me on Twitter, you have probably noticed that I've been testing out a bunch of different text-editors lately. Last week I stumbled upon an invite-code for the alpha-version of Chocolat.app and I've quickly been growing fond of it—thanks again for that Paulo.

I had a go at re-designing their search bar, as I found it a tad inconsistent with the rest of their lovely simple UI. This re-design is purely suggestive and has already been discussed with them. One of their main concerns is the use of purely the editor-area, as they would like the text-fields to be as large as possible.

I've attached a full-size preview so you can see it in context.

More info about Chocolat.app below.


Chocolat is a very young project by Alex Gordon and Jean-Nicolas Jolivet, which I can only describe as having the potential to be as big as TextMate, but with a more active development scheme and more flexible.

One of the cool things about Chocolat is installing the add-ons/extras. There are Truffles and Themes. Truffles are the equivalent to TextMate Bundles, or Espresso Sugars. You can either install them via file, but more interestingly Chocolat offers you a list of possible downloads, as well as a list of currently installed TextMate bundles that you can migrate to Chocolat. This makes adoption of Chocolat a breeze. (I got the theme I use by getting the TextMate version and migrating it.)

Sadly I'm out of invites, but if you want to play with it you can bug them on irc.freenode.net in ##chocolatapp.


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