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The team at Lonely Planet has been working on improving the experience of the Destinations (continents, countries, cities) with a focus on better organization. All of that starts with the continent pages, which try to do a better job at channeling people into a funnel that drives them down to countries and cities, and then to article and detail pages.

Lonely Planet was one of the first 25 websites on the internet, so it's been a ton of work to untangle all the content. There's a lot of work to go, but we're starting to make some good progress and are happy to start sharing some of the work!

The site is in early beta now, and we have a lot of work to do organizing all the content and improving the UX. We'd love your help with that, so feel free to play around with it here: www.lonelyplanet.com/asia?beta=destinations-next and leave feedback!!

You can read more about the sections in this article: https://medium.com/@lonelyplanet/designing-destinations-at-lonely-planet-df2a2fc8f7df#.xyfh6kw14

Big shout out to @Brad Potterbaum and @Haraldur Thorleifsson who have been chipping away at this since the beginning!

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