Inno - Corporate visual identity for the digital bank company

Beyond the Logo: Inno's Complete Corporate Visual Identity

In today's competitive landscape, a single logo isn't enough. That's why for Inno, the innovative digital bank, we crafted a full-fledged corporate brand identity that embodies their core values: lightness, clarity, and openness.

Why go beyond the logo? Because a cohesive brand identity is the glue that binds the business's audience. The consistent visual language speaks volumes about your values and builds trust.

corporate visual identity for the fintech company
brand identity for the digital bank company

More Than Just a Mark

While the logo itself packs a punch with its hidden symbolism, it's just the first chapter in Inno's visual story.

We took the logo's modular elements (circle, half circle, quarter circle) and unleashed their potential. These shapes dance across various configurations and color combinations, creating dynamic layouts that are flexible and adaptable.

Illustrations are also one of the visual elements of the brand. They act as visual storytellers, bringing warmth and emotion to the brand while complementing the overall composition

branding for the fintech company


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