Ecommerce - Inventory Management Software Dashboard

🎨 Presenting Our latest Work. This is an inventory dashboard designed to revolutionize your business operations! We've included every element of this project to enhance usability and efficiency.

We've followed every pixel with precision to ensure clarity and functionality. Dive into your inventory with ease, navigating through insightful charts, graphs, and data tables that bring your information.

Some Features at a glance:

βœ… Target Tracking

βœ… Invoice Status

βœ… Revenue Analytics

βœ… Task Management

βœ… Top Customer Data

βœ… Real Time Selling Preview

βœ… Top Country By Sale

βœ… Inventory Analysis

βœ… Warehouse Status

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Another Preview

Enjoy All Screen!🀩

Product Screen

Product Detail Screen

Add to Cart Screen

Invoice Screen

Billing Form Screen

Payment Form Screen

Successful Screen

πŸš€ Ready to reveal your inventory management strategy? Dive into the future of business intelligence with our inventory dashboard design, now available on my Dribbble.

Let's redefine the way you do business, one pixel at a time.

Let's bring your ideas to life.

We are here to collaborate and provide best support for your business. I'm committed to assisting you and finding the best solutions. So Let's collaborate and bring forth an amazing project.🀝



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