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Hello Dribbblers.

Recently I wrote two posts on my blog about setting a template for icons. There are two different ways: Slice & Save for Web, Artboard & Export As. (Yes, I am talking about Photoshop. Sorry for Sketch 3 lovers :P)

"Slice" is kind a old way and also "Save for web" will be disappeared soon. However, they are very stable and easy to control detail.

On the other hand, "Artboard" and "Export As" are powerful features of Photoshop CC 2015. "Export As" support "SVG" format! But "Artboard" is still fragile and "Export As" can't fully replace "Save for web".

Which one do you prefer between Slice & Save for Web, Artboard & Export As and why?

BTW. I attached freebie icons that saved via the two ways I mentioned above. Hope you enjoy :)

300 KB
200 KB

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