Multimedia Icons Presentation

Hey guys! Do you remember the Player App concept I shared not long ago? Here is more to that - this time a presentation of the whole process of this app creation, including a study on the Multimedia Icons Set used in this design. There's also a UI kit section depicting the core interface elements used to build up this player the way it looks now.

Take a closer look at this shot and also a Behance presentation accompanying it today. If you like the look of the Multimedia icons used in this interface you can always download them to use in you designs - just visit TubikLab!

As you might already know, Tubik Lab is the store full of creative assets we craft here at Tubik Studio - for you. Download the assets that you like, use them in your own designs and make great things! Take a look at the Tubik Blog article on how Tubik Lab was created and stay tuned for new cool things to come! Cheers!

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Posted on Nov 11, 2015
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