Ale-8-One Core Packaging

One of Kentucky’s most iconic brands had a pretty big issue; their packaging didn’t live up to their product. With Ale-8 quickly expanding into new territory; Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Nashville, Columbus and beyond, an improved first impression was sorely needed. After a year and a half of brand work and studying the rich, almost 100 year old company inside and out we began the monumental task of “re-wrapping” a legend. Our challenges to overcome included a difficult color palette (we liked to call it Ketchup, Mustard, and Relish), bottles and cans that were disconnected from their containers, and pleasing a fiercely loyal following. Every element was carefully designed to solve these issues but also to reflect Ale-8’s prolific and quirky heritage. In the end we had a design that not only strengthened the bond to its diehard, Eastern Kentucky, six-pack-a-day fan, but it also gave the brand confidence and an iconic look rooted in originality that matched the drink itself.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Cenci

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