Convo - Brand identity for the video conferencing platform

branding design for the video conferencing platform

Introducing Convo - Where Ideas Meet 🚀

🌐 Mission

Empowering dynamic, communicative individuals and businesses, Convo is on a mission to break down barriers and elevate virtual interactions to the level of in-person meetings. Connect, collaborate, and inspire with Convo's commitment to engagement in every click.

logo design for the video conferencing platform

👁‍🗨 Logo Design

Explore the essence of Convo through our logo—a simple yet impactful fusion of an eye and a mouth, symbolizing the visual and verbal dimensions of digital communication. This design reflects our dedication to creating engaging and human-centric virtual interactions.

icon design for the video conferencing application
color palette for the saas startup

🎨 Color Palette

Immerse yourself in Convo's playful yet professional red, blue, and light pink palette. This carefully chosen blend cultivates an atmosphere where innovation and collaboration flourish, setting the stage for a new era of connected and inspired work.

branding for the SaaS startup
external marketing banners for the SaaS startup

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