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Friday Hack Project: Redesign Park SLC App

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Friday Hack Project: Redesign Park SLC App friday hack iphone principle animation ux ui parking app app

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Each friday afternoon, the @Underbelly team gets together and hacks on projects: stuff we want to learn, ideas we have, problems we want to solve. Last Friday @Matt Scribner and I decided to redesign an app we use often, the Park SLC app.

When it comes down to it, the app should exist to do one thing really well: pay for parking, quickly. Today, though, the initial set up and payment takes 19 steps. Yes, 19. That takes 5-10 minutes of time to download, set up, and pay for your parking. Eek.

So, we took a stab at redesigning both the set up flow and subsequent use flow. What we're sharing here is how the first time use of the app would work. We elected to move any account creation to the end, and making it optional. This alone killed half of the steps. We then thought it would be cool to use a credit card scanning API to bring in card details more quickly. All said and done, we got it down to 4 steps. Much easier. For those interested, check out the wireframes.

We realize, of course, that there are likely other considerations not thought through, this is simply taking a few hours of our time and exercising our design muscles on an annoying problem we saw. It was a blast, and would be fun taking it further.

As always, feedback is welcome!

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