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Gary Longfellow Draplin - Process

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Gary Longfellow Draplin - Process process sketch thicklines fusesessions draplin e3 elementthree draplinu aafindy aigaindy indy ddc

Here is a little peek at some of the process that @Darren Halbig and myself put into creating this illustration of Gary Longfellow Draplin, as a part of Draplin U. More to come on this soon, as Draplin will be dropping knowledge in Indy next week.

There is still time to enroll in Draplin U For those with enough mettle to attend all three events you will receive a limited edition Draplin University diploma, as well as a school pennant to wave at our next sportsball game (which has yet to be scheduled since Draplin University currently has no sportsball team.)

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