Coinly — App Design & Animation. Saving Jars.

About the Project:

This project for Coinly reimagines the traditional piggy bank as a dynamic app feature. The aim was to create a visually engaging and intuitive way for kids to manage their savings towards specific goals. Through the use of playful animations and a clean interface, we've transformed the mundane act of saving into a fun and educational experience. The project involved UX/UI design, motion graphics, and app development to ensure a seamless interactive experience.

About the Shot:

The attached image showcases three stages of digital savings jars within the Coinly app. The first jar appears empty, symbolizing the start of a savings journey. The second jar is partially filled with colorful coins and crystals, indicating progress. The third jar is brimming and marked 'Completed', celebrating the achievement of a savings goal. The design features a clear goal tracker, an 'Add Money' CTA, and playful graphics, all set against a minimalist background to draw attention to the savings progress.

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