Media Player Concept

Hello everyone, how's it going? I hope all is good, and to make things even better I'd like to share something new with you. This is a music player app concept, where the users can not only listen to the songs they like, but also make their own cover versions by recording their performance. Sing along, everyone! This interface is using icons from a Multimedia Icons Set created by Arthur Avakyan for Tubik Studio and available at TubikLab for you to use them in your own wonderful interfaces.
Tubik Lab is the place where all the creative things we make her at Tubik are brought to your service. You can download the assets that you like, use them in your own designs and make great things! Do you remember how Tubik Lab was created? Check the article on our blog on how this project started with a single idea and developed further, shaping into a final product. Also stay tuned for new and upcoming articles and case studio on Tubik Studio Blog!
Have a nice and creative day everyone! Cheers!

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