The Small Garden Logo

The small garden logo

The clients design and build gardens for small areas such as: balconies, courtyards and small gardens. They just don't garden or plant pretty flowers they also garden architects and so the end result is both structural and organic.

This is the first iteration of this concept so details such as colours, size, type, visual style yet to be finalised. Assuming the idea in general is accepted.

The project required me to design a logo that ideally conveyed both of these aspects; the gardening and architectural.

After a number of sketches and concepts I showed the client one idea which was not suitable. But the feedback from this idea was very descriptive and it allowed them to more accurately convey their needs. This feedback meant a re calibration and after a number of other sketches I ended up with this idea.

They typically need to use less to create more so the idea to play with negative/positive space to achieve a similar message seemed appropriate. We are optimising the space whilst being practical with the design without any sacrifice to the end result.

One can design with limitations, but can also achieve a bigger message. The logo itself conveys the essence of what they try to achieve through their landscaping.

An urn placed on some form of decking creates the gardening and architectural link.

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