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Welcome to a new era of control and efficiency. Our restaurant admin panel is more than just a tool; it's a solution. Its clean and modern design is suitable for all restaurant and food delivery platforms. From Tracking the order to keep an eye on average revenue everything is covered here. 

Key features include:

1️⃣ Control Orders: Manage and oversee every aspect of your orders effortlessly.

2️⃣ Real-time Order Tracking: Keep tabs on orders as they move through the preparation stages.

3️⃣ Reservation Management: Streamline your reservation process for enhanced customer service.

4️⃣ Revenue Insights: Analyze and strategize with a comprehensive view of your revenue.

5️⃣ Expense Averages: Easily track and manage your average expenses.

7️⃣ Item Management: Add or remove menu items on the go.

8️⃣ Payment Control: Have full command over payment processing.

restaurant dashboard software

Swipe up to explore snapshots of our restaurant admin panel. Seamlessly combining aesthetic appeal with powerful functionalities, our restaurant dashboard is designed to elevate your restaurant business. Manage everything from restaurant analytics to restaurant KPI with this dashboard.

restaurant management dashboard

With this restaurant management dashboard the user can see all orders received from customers, they are conveniently sorted by the preparation stages. Managers and waiters can track the order in real-time. The business owner is able to see the revenue, expenses and forecast.

Restaurant Inventory Management

During this project, Arham Techpro did a lot of important things. We helped plan the project, created a strong brand identity, designed a user-friendly interface, and developed the front-end of the website. We made sure that every step of the project was handled with care and expertise.

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