Marketing Materials for E-Learning Page

I was tasked with creating marketing materials for LUTOP Akademie. The landing page was getting visitors, but the conversion rate was below expectations. This is where my expertise was required.

Thanks to my years of experience in marketing and customer service, I was able to identify the problem rather fast. Visitors were asked to opt in for the free lead magnet. However, there was not enough visual communication that clearly stated what leads would be receiving.

s many people are visually stimulated, giving them a preview of the content they receive was paramount to creating a strong, enticing offer. My approach consisted of creating mock-ups that visualize the content that leads would receive. Although all marketing materials were sent in digital form, giving them a tangible preview ensures a clear communication.

By using elements of the existing brand and incorporating new ideas, I was able to bring new life to the LUTOP brand. The result was content that not only looked stunning, but also gave users an idea of what they were getting.

During the creative process, I relied on tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and Figma to create the materials and bring my design ideas to life.

Customer feedback was positive across the board. The graphic elements led to an increase in sign-ups and helped generate more high-quality leads.

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