3D Coin Spinner

Drag & Throw

"Feel the rush as you drag it in any direction, and witness the inertia-driven spin when you give it a flick!"

πŸ‘‰ https://codepen.io/cerpow/full/JjxJJJr

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How it's made

The coin 360 animation was rendered in Blender + EEVEE at 120fps , ensuring a fluid and polished inertia animation. The image sequence is preloaded and accessed later on via the canvas at 60fps.

For the drag and throw effect, I've used GSAP's Draggable and Inertia plugin.

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πŸ’― Some parts rendered in Blender + EEVEE

πŸ–ŒοΈ Some parts are manually made in Figma

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