3D Model for Conceptual Medical AI Toothbrush

Introducing our innovative toothbrush with artificial intelligence to level up your teeth care routine! 

Our main goal was crafting a user-friendly gem to simplify your daily routine.

Ever heard of 62,000 movements per minute? Yep, that's the magic number for a seriously deep clean. The app? It's like your personal brushing coach, giving you tips tailored just for you. Oh, and there's this 3D map thing showing you which spots need a bit more love. The brush's shape? Well, it's all about comfort, designed with ergonomic vibes to amp up your user experience.

But wait, there's more! We threw in an innovative scanner right on the bristles, kicking up the product's functionality a notch. The AI studies your moves and pressure, offering tips for the perfect brush. It's like having a dental superhero – our system tracks your teeth and gums, flagging potential issues.

The magic happened in Cinema 4D and Redshift, where we cooked up the model and textures, ensuring every detail was on point.

Big shoutout to Sophie for her UI design wizardry and Iggy for bringing the animation magic to life!

Upgrade your oral care routine with intelligence and convenience!

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