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The Logo Smith's Dribbble Playing Card

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The Logo Smith's Dribbble Playing Card logotype identity branding portfolio design logo

Just keeping some consistency through my various social media header profile images where I've used a collection of my Monomarks: the visual component of a logo design displayed in glorious Techniblack, to showcase my previous logo and brand identity projects.

I've recently updated my Twitter, Facebook Page and Google+ Page with similar page header images, and they all looking pretty striking I think.

Well, I'm happy with them.

These individual logo marks make a great mini logo design portfolio, and provide an instant glimpse into the overall graphic design style and range of ones work.

I've also added a cheeky little line which says, 'Hire The Logo Smith'. Why not, any call-to-action is a good call-to-action

They are also a nice little reminder to myself, at times of self doubt and such, that I'm actually pretty handy when it comes to creating logos. :)

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