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NRB Final

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NRB Final beer illustration type beer packaging

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Last post on this, I promise. Tried my best to mock up the collateral for everything, minus digital stuff.

Unfortunately all this stuff is strictly for portfolio use but it did start out as a real project for a couple of guys out in Aggieland. When we started the direction was to re-brand them and create a separate "brand" for the beers vs the brewery. So when people viewed the beers they had their own identity, and when they viewed the brewery, it had its own.

I tried to figure out a way to give the beers their own identity while making them consistent to one another and still hint back to the brand of the brewery yet tried not to let that be the star of the show.

For the brewery and the overall brand, a lot of the inspiration came straight from the name. For me, New Republic hinted back to the Republic of Texas. So I took cues from the Burnet Flag, and the battle of Gonzales, and tried to make the overall look as simple and humbly-regal as possible. Mainly because that's how I envision the people who fought back then, for what they cared about, were like.

I came up with names that hinted back at that time period and the scenes that would have been. Names for craft beer are a tricky thing nowadays cause everyone makes them, and I'm thankful that these are just for portfolio use because I have a feeling that a few breweries out there would probably want some of these names changed.

Overall I tried to keep things simple and humble feeling, while still allowing the brand to be bold and striking.

Full presentation image attached.

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