Get ready for the Final Frontier

The news that NASA scientists found evidence of liquid water Mars took me back straight to my childhood dreams and the hopes of one day embarking on the USS Enterprise and exploring space.

Being impatient I started searching the web for places on Earth that at least look like Mars and maybe this could satisfy my thirst for the moment. I found a couple of great destinations where NASA was doing Mars related experiments. And then the idea popped into my head: maybe other are looking for the same thing. Let's share it!

Fortunately enough at anyone can contribute with ideas that we should work on, so I pitched my idea to the Product Owner of Mail and she was open to try it and even contributed with research for even more destinations. Add to this three very talented copy writers and 26h later the email you see here was ready to be sent to all our email subscribers.

And the response on social media... It was so great and also very humbling. To be able to have an idea and quickly test it on so many people, it's truly a blessing.

If you want to explore these out of this world destinations head over here:


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