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New Semplice?

Hi friends

Here is a little sneak peek of one of the many things we've been working on over at Semplice, your favorite portfolio tool (:

I won't say much more than this, but for those of you who already use Semplice, you can probably guess a couple of things based on this little screenshot.

With our new Semplice update it will be super easy to create your landing pages (for portfolio, product pages or whatever) in just minutes.

Over the next couple days I will share some more things that are coming soon. So excited! Semplice is getting better and better and we're proud to see all the things you create with it.

And don't forget, for our Dribbble friends we offer 20% off! http://www.semplicelabs.com/?love=dribbble

Looking forward to see the magic you create with Semplice!

Happy Sunday

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