Symptom management

Sometimes I take on small scope hands-on consulting design gigs. I was initially driven by the classic in-house frustrations and looking for faster paced, more diversified production design projects. After a few years of that I can safely say it was mostly the result of anxiety as I’m seemingly trying to prove that I still have what it takes. I still think practice is the best way to keep me grounded and gives me a firsthand experience of the current needs accross other industries.

Lately I have been contributing to healthcare related projects, like this one to improve cancer patient symptom management. It's certainly not a stellar looking UI — Forms, boxes and lots of text: the real world. There are so many initiatives out there that need (often really basic) design support with great human benefit potential (that are not AI related).

Please don’t read this as virtue signaling — this is mostly a note to self- for next time I have the itch to redesign my website; there’s definitely a more useful ways to contribute to society as a designer.


Posted on Nov 6, 2023
Nicolas Solerieu
Things for screens (mostly rectangles)

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