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Hey Folks! 👋

I've been gone for a while, but I'm back with another update to my portfolio. This time with a project I have been working on in recent weeks and which I have just finished. 🙌

My basic scope of work was to prepare the UX/UI layer of a new website, taking into account correct user behavior and responsiveness.

Today is just the beginning - home page.

I'll be back soon with more shots from this project series. I promise. 🤞

Ah, one more thing... ☝️

An additional scope that I implemented on my side was the retouching of materials provided by my partner. Even though the photos were taken by a professional photographer, they were quite "artificial" and "raw". I decided to retouch them using the Ai tool available in Adobe Photoshop.

I carried out several steps for this purpose:

🤖 I generated a background suggesting a view of a modern office,

🌈 I defined a color scheme matching the branding,

✨ I introduced manual retouching of additional elements.

Hit "L" If you like it. ❤️

Soon more! 🙌

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Enjoy and have a nice day!

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