Material Design Sketch Template v2 [Free]

I love Material Design more and more now have a lot more experience designing, and more importantly developing in (w/ Angular-Material) it since my original Sketch template.

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To this day I still feel like the official spec lacks in the layout area beyond mobile. Thankfully the Polymer team released an impressive demo of 4 responsive layouts from mobile => tablet => laptop (desktop). I’ve updated my template modeling the layouts after these.

Changelog (10/16/2015):

- [new] 16 layouts from Polymer examples
- Nav View (laptop, tablet landscape, tablet portrait & mobile)
- Nav Cards (laptop, tablet landscape, tablet portrait & mobile)
- List Card Over (laptop, tablet landscape, tablet portrait & mobile)
- Nav List Detail (laptop, tablet landscape, tablet portrait & mobile)
- [new] device background behind artboards which doesn’t export
- [updated] Material Design Components
- [new] Lists
- [new] Cards
- [new] Data Tables
- [new] Tooltips
- [new] FAB Speed Dial
- [new] Date picker
- [new] Progress Circular
- [updated] Forms: Inputs, Checkboxes, Radios & Switches
- [updated] Styles
- [new] Typography Styles (Display, Headline, Title, Subheading, Body, Caption, Button)
- [removed] Charts (I’m going to make a Material Charts Sketch template soon)
- [todo] Icons - need to add around 300 new icons and update icon categories based off official material-icon updates

Credit to the super cool Polymer layouts for inspiration
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Posted on Oct 16, 2015

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