Hi Everyone,

Grav is a new flat-file (database-less) CMS built from scratch by the RocketTheme team. It’s open source, insanely fast, extremely flexible and very easy to install and use.

With the upcoming v1.0 and the new admin dashboard it was clear that it was time to uplift the entire branding and define a strategy for a new landing page. A landing page that would showcase the utmost defining principles of Grav in a clear and succinct way.

When we think about endless possibilities and the future, we sometimes dream about space. Grav (Grav-ity) is meant to be the future, but Grav should also be approachable and fun. It’s an interesting challenge I gladly took.

Since space is embedded at the core of Grav branding, I felt that was an opportunity to embrace a visual language that could subconsciously and progressively transmit some of these values to everyone. Vivid/bold almost alien-like colours, embraced by illustrated planetary bodies would help bring the essence of approachability and fun. The space-theme itself is a metaphor for technological advancement, which helps transmit the message of how powerful and forward-thinking Grav is.

I seriously recommend anyone to give Grav a try. The entire team is constantly adding brand new features and updates that should make Grav even more enjoyable to use.

Please make sure you check out the @2x preview and the attachments.


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