Tappa! - Branding for the messenger application

branding for the messenger application

About the project

Imagine a messenger app that not only connects you with your loved ones worldwide but also effortlessly transcribes and translates messages into any language.

For this project, we helped with:

  1. Logo design and brand identity

  2. Promotional website design

  3. UX/UI design of the application

Let's start with the first part - logo and brand identity 👇

logo design for the messenger application

Logo Aesthetic

The logo crafted in a handwritten style, exudes a sense of urgency while maintaining a playful spirit.

The deliberate use of short strokes, rounded letters, and a slight leftward tilt (a departure from the norm) adds a touch of carefree charm.

This logo is a celebration of freedom, openness, and pure fun, perfectly encapsulating the core values of the brand.

The Font

Enter Manrope, the font that strikes the perfect balance between playful and approachable.

Those rounded letters and open shapes? They're your new best friend in the world of messaging. Together with the logo, they create a harmonious visual identity that's uniquely Tappa!

Color Palette

Tappa! embraces a dynamic color palette that strikes the perfect balance between immersion and vivacity.

Rich blacks and deep grays lay the foundation for a private and focused messaging experience.

Meanwhile, bursts of vibrant blue, enchanting violet, and playful pink hues inject a sense of liveliness and joy into every interaction.

Because communication should be as dynamic and expressive as you are!

application icon design

Consistency Across Touchpoints

Ensuring a seamless brand experience is paramount at Tappa!. From the moment you lay eyes on our logo to the last message you send, we're committed to maintaining a consistent visual identity.

This means you'll find the same lively colors, playful typography, and spirited logo across every touchpoint – be it the app interface, social media presence, or marketing materials.

In a world where competition is fierce and attention spans are short, a unified brand presence sets you apart. It's not just about recognition; it's about building a relationship.

brand identity for the startup

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