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Visualize the City with Crime Stats

San Francisco is an amazing city, and (rent costs aside) life is undeniably good. A forward-thinking economy, diverse neighborhoods, and a smattering of cuisines are components of what makes the city vibrant. To keep life fun, we think San Franciscans should be knowledgeable about their surroundings.

Introducing Bannerman’s Crime Stats for San Francisco. Extracting data from the City of San Francisco, we have built a tool that makes it easier to understand and be aware of what crime occurs in each area of the city. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in crime from 2014 to 2015, and we want to make sure that everyone understands objectively what that crime activity looks like. (My first night in SF, I landed smack in the heart of the Tenderloin–could have used Crime Stats then.)

Being proactive and smart with our actions is the best way to deter criminal activity. This idea is core to how Bannerman’s security professionals protect offices, properties, and event goers 24 hours a day. The physical presence of a security guard who is constantly alert and in tune with situational awareness creates an unparalleled deterrent against possible criminal activity. Similarly, making a point of walking with someone at certain hours in the city can effectively keep us safer.

In releasing this tool, we are very cognizant of how people can be uncomfortable talking and thinking about crime as a part of their life. The goal here is not to incite fear. We believe that seeing an objective view of crime can help internalize facts and slightly alter our awareness in certain areas of the city. The tool will show you crime patterns by hour and day to give a sense of quotidian and weekly trends. Some of the findings might surprise you. For instance, there is a spike in theft across the city early in the night between 6-8pm.

Bannerman was originally conceived as a service that could democratize security guards to make the world a safer place. Today, guards with Bannerman keep offices and properties safe on the entire West Coast. Few individuals need personal security on a consistent basis. However, we can all be more responsible in knowing our city so that we can continue to enjoy the amazing lifestyle it has to offer.

Visualize the City with Crime Stats

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