The Timid Vampire


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  1. Erik Sagen Erik Sagen

    Converting the sketch of the "Timid Vampire" to pixels.

    over 4 years ago

  2. Luke Dorny Luke Dorny

    Awesome! Wow.

    over 4 years ago

  3. Mathew Hoy Mathew Hoy

    this is really great! nice work. love the purpleabunch.

    over 4 years ago

  4. Erik Sagen Erik Sagen

    Thanks guys. I've been focusing a lot on this guy because he's the subject of my work-in-progress children's book.

    over 4 years ago

  5. Shawn Grimes Shawn Grimes

    Awesome work Erik!

    over 4 years ago

  6. Todd Budnikas Todd Budnikas

    What a great transformation. Love it!

    over 4 years ago

  7. ₍˄ุ.͡˳̫.˄ุ₎ ₍˄ุ.͡˳̫.˄ุ₎

    vampires ftw?

    over 4 years ago

  8. Marc Hemeon Marc Hemeon

    I love this, I have been dieing to make some pixel creatures. Do you always use a grid?

    over 4 years ago

  9. Erik Sagen Erik Sagen

    Yep! I like to use a grid for proper pixel count/balance.

    The program I use is called Pixen (Mac). It's slick willy.

    over 4 years ago

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