Freebie: 142 flags

A couple of years ago we release a 16x16px icon set called Sweet 16’s. Amongst a whole lot of other icons, it contained a flag set. About a month ago when we wanted to use the flags but it turned out they looked way more outdated and glossy than we remembered.

That’s why we decided to re-do the flags to fit it better with todays design standards. The height has been increased a little, there’s no more inner shadow and the strokes are better matched to the flag colors. The new set also includes Nasa’s Flag of the Earth and the Rainbow flag.

• 142 flags (list of flags in the set)
• 16px width
• includes @2x versions
• freebie
• perfect for in UI’s (dropdown)

Download the flag icon set on our blog

It’s been too long since the last time we gave out a freebie, so that’s why we wanted to share these flags with y’all. Spreading the word about these icons would be very much appreciated :).

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