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Did you miss me? πŸ₯Ί I do, that's why I'm back today with another shot! πŸ’₯

At fbgeorgiew.com, Franiszek Bazyli Georgiew officially presents his personal brand. I had the pleasure of working with him a few years ago on a project where I was responsible for the UX/UI of one of Frank's brands, Tigers.pl - I highly recommend checking it out below πŸ… πŸ‘‡


After a few years, we have resumed our collaboration, and I have been working with Franek for several weeks on designing a website in the field of UX and UI for his personal brand. πŸ™Œ

Pause. βœ‹

This was the stage where my last presentation of this project ended.

Today we have completed the custom illustration, and the web development phase is entering the final stage of testing, which will all appear online. ⏳

I decided to divide the presentation of the entire project into two shots. In today's shot, you will find the final design of the home page πŸ›οΈ and blog subpages. ✍️

But wait, what is Alexander the Great doing on the project? πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

This is a very interesting and inspiring story for me.

Franek is a huge fan of Alexander the Great and, like him, can achieve the impossible. But don't worry, Franek achieves the impossible in business and does it without sacrifices.

Hellenization πŸ›οΈ is a topic very close to Frank and is also an inspiration in his life, which is why it was also intended to be the leitmotif of his personal website.

My complete scope of work included the design of the home page and several subpages, in desktop and mobile versions. However, the rather narrow scope of work allowed me to approach the project very creatively.

The blog is one of the parts of the website that was very important in this case - Franek inspires others to act in business, he writes a lot and shares his knowledge on social media, which is why it was so important to create a place on the personal website where all this knowledge it can be condensed - this is the key role of the blog.

Hit "L" If you like it. ❀️

Soon more! πŸ™Œ

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