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Natural language and custom keyboard stock buying process

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Natural language and custom keyboard stock buying process keyboard custom wireframe app ios mobile buying stock securities asb

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A stock buying process in natural language with all inputs via custom keyboards for each step.


My online stockbroker, ASB Securities, doesn't have an app but I would really like one. Even if the only thing it did was show the value of my portfolio on their system, that would be great. Eventually, being able to buy and sell would be nice.

For buying, the typical process is a number of steps before arriving at a summary of all the details for you to confirm. These kind of summaries are the type of thing that I read aloud in my head as a paragraph, even if the information isn't presented as a paragraph.

Given this, I've been thinking of what it would be like if the existing buying process was done in natural language. Some other changes could also cut down the number of steps (i.e.: start the buying process from the detail page for a stock instead of starting as a generic buy page and having to select the exchange, stock, and type of buy).

This is further enhanced by using custom keyboards which are customised for the input required in each step. This would enable you to get through the whole process to the end just using the keyboard for all inputs.

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