Operators Guild


Operators Guild—also known as “OG”—is the place where the world’s top CEOs, CFOs, COOs, VPs of Finance, Chiefs of Staff, Biz Ops, and Strategists come together to share knowledge and support each other on their professional journeys.

OG wanted a sophisticated new look for their brand that showcased their most important asset: the people that make up the world-class group that they have carefully curated.

With a new color palette, touched-up logo, line-based illustrations, and color-treated photography, we were able to create a simple, yet elegant brand that screams modern professionalism.

Website UX/UI

When it came to building the Operators Guild’s website and putting together UI compositions, we wanted to make sure we showcased what was most important to the company: the people, their values, and the caliber of resources that the group provides.

We accomplished this by a combination of strategies:

1) Ensuring we featured real OG members on every page, in every fold.

2) Presenting info on OG’s expertise and events in unique, interactive modules.

3) Featuring line-based illustrations and icons throughout the site to communicate OG’s values of human connection and building networks.

Illustrations & Motion Graphics

What’s more human than motion? We included animated illustrations throughout the Operators Guild website for a couple of reasons.

First, we wanted the site to stand out for its uniqueness with innovative graphics and motion UI. Next, we thought that animating the interconnected lines and circles that make up OG’s illustrations would help us communicate the concept of connection, building networks, and constantly moving forward. Icons featuring human figures and hands reinforce this idea of a group of people who genuinely support each other.


Maximiliano Malisani (Art Direction)

Mila Gutierrez (Design)

Agustina Mai Favalli (Design)

Nicolas Baumgartner (Motion Graphics)

Lucia Perez (Illustration)

Posted on Oct 10, 2023
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