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Rover user experience user interface minimal design contemporary mobile ux ui clean modern ios app

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Hi Friends,
Today I am publishing a series of screens that display my most recent work at Rover.

Rover Design Case Study
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Rover Tablet
Rover all
Rover Part 1
Rover Part 2


Throughout the progression of technology, there have been inventions armed with the vision of accelerating the growth of communication, information and evolution of data. Our creation is Rover, our motive is to expand the speed at which information arrives at the hands of people. This vision began with one bold word, curiosity. Every thought we had from the past was denounced, and from this point with the borrowed inspiration of future exploration we circled the premises of the word ‘curiosity.’ Through sheer thinking, we arrived at a conclusion that was derived from the truth of our vision, more so than the benefits of that name. The conclusion was, Rover. A name subordinated to reasoning and logic, a name of science and object to serve people. Rover like the Mars rover, curiosity, is an application that lifts darkness from the unknown and brings about a new light of knowledge. Rover explores the surface of information, it allows for people to connect on a basis of interest. Unlike previous discovery platforms, Rover is not subordinated to the need of typing and searching, rather our AI called ‘mars’ learns about what you want to know and it makes the connections for you, effortlessly. It is an essence a tool for humanity, that searches for what a person is interested in from an endless universe of data.

A person’s taste is an inherent attribute of the individualism, gained from environment and intuition. Rover expands an individual's taste, their intuition and furthers their scope of knowledge exponentially. Correspondingly, our algorithm follows the law of interest versus the law of friend mutuality. People are connected on the basis of mutual interests rather than just friends. Rover gives you the independence to freely choose your conquest of interest, and choices of people to be inspired by. Rover is connecting people, like they have done so in Science Fiction.

Thank you,
Nelson Noa.

I do not own the Photography used in this design, they are merely used for demonstration purposes.

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