FlagKit – 177 Flag Icons

In a project for a client we needed a lot of flags in small sizes so we decided do create a Kit – and of course we called it FlagKit.

At the moment there are 177 flags in @1x, @2x and @3x. We will add more going forward, but hey it's a great coverage to begin with.

We created a GitHub repo for it over at https://github.com/madebybowtie/FlagKit

It's a superb beginning and we will also add Android versions and a companion Sketch file to be able to "globally" change depth and drop shadows to all flags at once.

They are all the same size and highly inspired by the work of @Benjamin De Cock for the Stripe Flag Set released a few years ago. <3

Posted on Sep 28, 2015
Marcus Gellermark
Product Designer Obsessed by Details & Playful UI

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