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Billiards app icon

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Billiards app icon iphone app icon billiards pool ios design

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Alright, this is a total sidetrack project. It has nothing to do with anything I'm working on, as a matter of fact this app doesn't even exist. I was watching a documentary about the game billiards and thought, oh an iPhone app icon could work very well with this idea, then checked out the app store and dribbble, couldn't find any so I started sketching. It was actually quite fun son I decided to go ahead and push some pixels on it to make it happen and here's the full size beauty. So go easy on me, I'm no where close to be one of those expert icon designers, but I tried. As always, feedback is appreciated.

Oh and if you just checked this icon out and think it's the perfect match for your iPhone app, let me know and I will send you all the sizes, free of charge of course.


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