Flights – Seat Selection – Product Design & Motion for Super App

This week, I continue sharing some bits and pieces of what I've been designing over the past year. Again, I can't show the whole thing, so here's a sneak peek.

Please find the project description below. Now, let's discuss how motion enhances the user experience in this flow. Let me break down this animation, which reveals the seat selection screen.

First, the app takes some time to load the seat map. And is there anything more boring than watching a loading spinner? Well, I can't think of anything. So the first purpose of this animation is pretty straightforward – to keep users engaged and entertained.

Additionally, since the viewport can't fit the entire seat map due to its large size, the second part of the animation – zooming in from a bird's-eye view – helps users navigate through the map and better understand their location within it.

Finally, I don't want to burden engineers with overly complex motion ideas and waste valuable company time. That's why I always consider how animations and transitions will be implemented. And in this case, it's as simple as animating scale and opacity parameters.

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I was incredibly lucky to work on a couple of domains for a super app. This super app is an ecosystem consisting of various domains that could cover the majority of users' needs like food delivery, grocery delivery, booking a ride, buying cinema tickets, and so on. Think of domains as individual apps within the main app.

I was responsible for designing the Flights and Hotels domains, covering the entire travel experience within the super app. The combination of these domains significantly improved the app's value proposition, allowing users to manage their travel needs within the same platform.

The company I was working for is based in Dubai. So I was definitely trying to make a rhyme while creating this paradise in the middle of the desert as an environment for this interface presentation.

Yanosh Govoshi
Got an exciting project? Let's dive in!

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