Trivia Mobility – Mobile application redesign

Hello everyone 👋

We're happy to share with you the mobile application redesign we did last year.

Trivia Mobility is a subscription-based mobile app that allows users to rent an electric bike or a scooter, plan a ride in advance, check vehicle availabilities, and book them for a certain period of time.

The bikes and scooters are kept in special lockers installed in residential complexes, where they are charged and sanitised after each ride.

Our collaboration with the client aimed to redesign the existing application to make it look more up-to-date and to implement some new features according to the users’ feedback.

Deferred booking

A user sees is all the time slots for all the vehicles available at the date they choose on the calendar, sorted by the earliest available time slot. A user chooses a suitable time slot and sets the start and end times within it.

Instant booking

Instant booking has only one step. A user should only choose a type of vehicle and check if the time slot suits them. Normally, a vehicle is booked for 24 hours. After a user taps “Book a ride”, they see the same recap as in deferred booking.

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P.S.: We're open to collaboration 😉.

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