The Feedback Wizard

We recently made an experimental microsite exploring the use of GPT-4 for drafting feedback called The Feedback Wizard.

Based on Lara Hogan's Feedback Equation, the wizard prompts people to describe their concerns in a structured way, and leverages the magic of GPT-4 to write out a kind yet actionable feedback draft.

If delivering feedback is a struggle, try consulting the wizard today. You might learn a thing or two!

Behind the Scenes 🎬

(Here's a peek behind the curtain on how some of this was made)


To compliment the site's wizard-style UI, we naturally had to make a personified wizard character for this. This was a fun excuse to draw on Procreate.

More Illustrations (Style Pass)

Before we landed on the final look, I did some rough style passes for the illustrations exploring varying degrees of abstraction and detail.

In-progress stylistic variations

As you can probably tell, we ended up going with more whimsical + sketchy/hand-drawn as it felt more grounded and playful. We also ended up cutting her hair, because she was starting to look a littttttle too close to Lara Hogan herself. (We're big fans, but this wasn't a sponsored endeavour.)

Icon Variations

I also did small vector icon explorations of our little wizard mascot for the form section. While I loved the use of negative space for the hair in option 2, it was deemed "too cute". Alas.

Website Art Direction (Unused Variation)

Prior to the final direction, I roughed out some high-level art direction explorations for the website as well. This was an alternative direction that ended up on the cutting room floor. A bit too serious + therapist office, in retrospect.

Wanna try levelling up your feedback?

Consult the Feedback Wizard 🪄✨

We make nice apps.

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