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We keep our icon collection fresh with weekly updates, staying current with trends and new technologies. Our goal is to provide you with a dynamic, up-to-date, and ever-growing selection of icons.

✦ What?

In short, central offers 30 various icon sets. A collection of icons that will make your product design easier and faster. The central icon system was designed to be as universally applicable as possible and utilizes Figma variants and properties to offer a completely customizable icon set.

✦ Why?

Our icons are simple and versatile. You can adjust them to fit your brand and style: stroke width, border radius, line or filled version. All variations can be accessed directly through the Figma property panel. Whatever you choose, our icons will look crisp and clean on any device and screen size.

✦ How?

Each icon variation is hand crafted in Figma for Figma to make sure every change of a property corresponds to the icon system. This ensures consistency and quality across the entire set. Our icons are designed on a 24x24 px grid and is based on an enhanced grid system to make sure every icon is consistent to the core. The central icon system is not just another icon set. It’s a tool that will help you create better products faster.

Still not sure?

Then go ahead and check out our demo version. Check out the demo or you can buy now

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Posted on Sep 18, 2023
Martin David
Icon System Architect.

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