Compackt– a travel packing concept.

Compackt – Wherever you go, travel light.

“There are 32 million flights, $29 billion in baggage fees, and over 2 million bags lost in transit globally per year.”


Many travelers prefer to fly only with carry-on luggage to avoid the hassles and fees of checked bags. This often leads to challenges in efficiently organizing and packing their limited belongings. Frequent flyers typically spend multiple hours between 8 or more sources to gather the information they need.


How might we design a solution that provides one-baggers an all-in-one minimalist packing experience? Meet “Compackt” – a mobile app designed exclusively for the needs of carry-on users. It features customizable packing lists tailored to various destinations and trip durations, plus a weight meter and essential airline information. Additionally, Compackt incorporates forums to create a vibrant community of like-minded travelers.

View my full case study on Compackt here! :)

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