Promotional Business Cards

Even though I make lots of business card designs every year, I rarely take the time to make some for myself. I wanted some promotional cards, that I could hand out and bring potential customers back to my website.

The design is very clean and straightforward. The front of the card contains a logo on a clean white background. The rear of the card contains a QR code, with a link description that can be read from multiple directions. The QR code is decorated with a subtle and fitting color. In the case of the link to, the color used, is the accent color of the website.

The design allows for printing multiple different links on different cards. The color on the QR code also comes in handy, when needing to quickly identify which card links to what.

My first printed batch contained 5 different QR codes that are relevant to my business right now. I've prepared more than 10 codes already though. You can see the different cards from the first batch here:

And if you're hungry for more, here are another shot of the printed cards:

I hope you like these, and if so, please smash your "L" key to show the love. (Not too hard though - you're probably excited, but please don't break your keyboard.)

Posted on Sep 17, 2015

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