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Introducing my take on the Waymo Autonomous Vehicle Technology website! 🌐

Thrilled to present my latest UI/UX design concept for Waymo's website 🚀. As autonomous vehicles steer us into a new era of transportation, the interface should mirror the innovation and sophistication driving this tech.

🔍 Dive into an intuitive and sleek user journey that seamlessly guides you through Waymo's cutting-edge self-driving technology. From a dynamic homepage showcasing their fleet in action to a revamped navigation simplifying information about the technology stack, safety features, and real-world impact.

🎨 The color palette combines futuristic blues and electrifying greens, evoking a sense of trust and eco-friendliness. Every pixel has been carefully crafted to echo Waymo's commitment to precision and safety.

So, do you think this is cool?

Press "L" or love if you like it and don't hesitate to share your feedback in the comments section.Thank you! have a nice day ✌️

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