Teamdash, previously known as RecruitLab, empowers recruiters with an innovative platform that streamlines the entire recruitment process with great efficiency. From discovering potential candidates through effective design and advertising tools to expediting interviews, hiring, and enhancing internal team collaboration, Teamdash revolutionizes the way recruiters work. 🚀

The decision to rebrand arose from the existence of another company with a similar name operating in the same industry. Furthermore, Teamdash envisions expanding the product's functionality beyond recruitment, necessitating a new name that encompasses this broader vision. 🌟

We had the privilege of shaping Teamdash's new brand, creating a CVI, and collaborating with gotoAndPlay to craft a new website. The new brand exudes freshness, playfulness, and a profound commitment to fulfilling their mission – making recruiters happier in their professional ventures.

With regard to the brand's color palette and typography, we deliberately aimed to differentiate Teamdash from typical B2B software solutions. By embracing bold, human-centric elements and infusing a playful touch, we achieved a visual identity that stands out in the market.

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