Live to Work


This past year, more than any other time in my life, I have really had to put things in perspective in regards to a work/life balance. I recently took a leap and made a tough decision to leave my job at a reputable advertising firm due to the harsh hours required and I must say it has been the best decision of my life thus far. With that said, I ended up replacing the work I did their with just as much work at home. It’s a funny predicament because normally this saying would read “Work to live, don’t live to work”, but I don’t believe that. I happen to truly enjoy my line of work, as long as it’s on my own terms. So I suppose this is a print for people striving to create work for themselves or start a business on their own terms or the procrastiworker who puts in 14 hour days doing what they love instead of watching Jersey Shore. (no offense, the cabs are most certainly here)

Print and more pics here.

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