VESTIGO - heavy transport business management system.


logo explanation

The symbiosis of the letters "V" and the triangle is the symbol of the Vestigo logo, which conveys the company's values and their benefits to the client.

The triangle with its three-cornered and three-sided structure is a symbol of stability and reliability.

The triangle symbol is perceived as a dynamic form indicating movement, direction, development and innovation.

The triangle can symbolize an orderly and harmonious relationship between man, nature (ecology) and technology.

Among all this symbiosis, in the negative space of the symbol, we can also see the arrow symbol, which perfectly complements the essence of the logo related to the field of activity - heavy transport management. The arrow also symbolizes development, innovation, drive, direction, tracking, GPS, navigation, etc.

Innovation - The purple color in the brand image reflects a commitment to innovative and creative solutions that transform and improve the transportation business.

Ecology - The green color gives the brand a bright and ecological mood, in line with the goal of creating environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Reliability - The blue color symbolizes the reliable and safe attitude that customers feel through the products, giving them confidence and peace of mind.

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