Design for ZenFasting | Intermittent Fasting Tracker App

Hey design enthusiasts! We're thrilled to unveil a glimpse of our latest masterpiece – the Zen Fasting App UI/UX that's here to revolutionise your fasting journey! ⏰

πŸ“± Client: Zen Fasting App

🍽️ Project: Intermittent Fasting Tracker with Social Tribe

πŸ” The Challenge: Ever thought of making intermittent fasting a social adventure? The Zen Fasting App story began with this exciting idea – turning fasting into a shared journey with your tribe.

🌱 The Solution: Our design maestros crafted an immersive experience that not only tracks your fasting but also lets you embark on a collective fasting journey with your tribe. Visually engaging elements, intuitive interactions, and a sense of community – all curated to make fasting an empowering shared experience.

✨ What We Crafted:

  • Empowering Interface: Designed for seamless fasting tracking.

  • Tribe Connections: Enabling social fasting journeys.

  • Sleek UI: Intuitive design for a harmonious journey.


Stay tuned for the full case study, coming soon on our page. Make sure to follow us for the latest updates!


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